A set of photographic collages, constructed in-camera.

The starting point was found analogue photographs from various sources that were re-photographed and enlarged to become backdrops for 3D arrangements of found objects including light-bulbs, lenses, acrylic sheets, and film filters. The layering of translucent and other materials extended from  experiments with photogrammetry. The photo/sculpture hybrids were then rephotographed from above, echoing the process of copy-stand photography.

The resulting images distil perceptual slippages between analogue/digital, real/reproduced, 2D/3D, and confuse foreground and background. The works also create tension between the horizontal and vertical planes, and are displayed somewhere between the two states, on leaning, rough-cut plasterboard panels.

These works seek to slow perception, especially in relation to photography which is so often (nowadays) a ‘quick’ visual medium. Rather than being a ‘pencil of nature’, or an apparatus for the representation of the ‘real’, photography is considered in terms of the complex effects it has on perception and visuality.


DUST, 2019
installation view, Knulp, Sydney
DUST, 2019