A diptych with photographs printed on angled canvases, one a macroscopic detail of a found surface, the second a found image of the universe.
Onto each are placed various photographs with subjects including: an ancient urn with a spiral; volcanic craters and sink-holes; the sun, the moon, and an eclipse; comets; a seismographic printout of an earthquake; a felled forest after an unidentified event; workers at a diamond mine; geological stratum, and a man making an ‘automatic’ drawing.
Across the surface of each canvas, sewn threads connect the images into geometric constellations, along with objects including black pearls, silver jewelry, and coloured photographic gels.

installation view:
The Universal, 2016
Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize, National Art School, Sydney
photo: Zan Wimberly
The Universal, 2016