Assemblages on found screen-print screens featuring faux-Victorian and -Georgian period window decal patterns, used for sandblasting patterns onto glass. Here, the patterns have been screen-printed onto acrylic sheet then attached to the screens' wooden frames to create double-sided display boxes. These are hung perpendicular to the wall using the screens' existing hinge holes.

Inserted into and onto the works are various found objects including photographs, haberdashery, mineral specimens, and faux mourning jewellery. The images include photos of ancient artefacts, the cosmos, and scenes of destruction including the aftermath of a riot, smashed windows and documentation of museums after incidents of theft or destruction.

The works play on the perception of looking through surfaces such as windows or vitrines, and blur front/back, surface/depth, inside/out.

'Widow II' (left) and 'Widow I' (right), 2015
installation view in the exhibition 1/2 to dust, 2021
Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney
installation photograph by Simon Hewson
Widows, 2015-2016