A series of 'drawings' made with hand-stitched cotton on various found surfaces including: two posters from paper-stacks by Felix Gonzalez-Torres; a postcard of a Marcel Duchamp 'readymade', and a plastic envelope printed with a security camouflage pattern. The installation also included sound recordings of the incidental noises made in the studio while working on the drawings.

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Untitled (Joy Division inverted), 2001
cotton thread on offset lithograph
113.0 × 96.4 cm (image) 116.0 × 99.5 cm (framed)

The paper is a page from Felix Gonzalez-Torres paper-stack work, 'Untitled' 1991.
The drawing is an inverted rendition of the album cover of 'Unknown Pleasures' by Joy Division, designed by Peter Saville, 1979.

Collection of the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne