A collaborative installation with Narelle Jubelin, and with architect Marcos Corrales Lantero and furniture maker David Norrie.

The work consisted of a spatial intervention across the two galleries: the insertion of a cantilever beam bisecting the spaces through a section of removed gallery wall. The beam copied the form, and hinged off, the existing columns. A wall-painting wrapped the columns and the horizontal beam, which also operated as a display area for a series of individual works.

Link to an article about the installation, written by Ann Stephen for 1001 nights cast, a durational performance by Barbara Campbell

A series of motorised discs, with patterns derived from television test patterns.

Commissioned by ABC TV and Penrith Regional Gallery for the exhibition
Yours, Mine and Ours: 50 Years of ABC TV

Link to artist statement, 2006

A found press photograph – a contested image, reportedly depicting two Iranian teenage boys about to be executed by hanging – is reconfigured with a cotton thread that continues the noose ropes beyond the picture edge and joins them in a loop.

Initial reports stated the young men were executed for homosexuality. Subsequent reports claimed they were charged with the sexual assault of another child. Human rights groups maintain their only crime was being gay. These conflicting reports do not diminish the power of the image in signalling ongoing human rights breaches against LGBTQI people around the world.

Links to articles addressing this work, by Paul Kelaita and Steve Dow, are included on the 'texts' page of this site.


Various drawings, made since 2004, often text-based and using fragments of quotes from various sources including poems, news media and catalogue entries.

harmacy is a 'cover version' of an artwork by John Baldessari, instigated by a coincidence.

In early September 2001, I bought a postcard of a work by Baldessari that includes a photo of two high-rises in mid-catastrophic explosion. A few days later, the World Trade Center in New York collapsed. 

Using the Baldessari work as a formula, harmacy was created using found media images of the 'real' September 11 events.

Link to artist statement about harmacy

A series of 'drawings' made with hand-stitched cotton on various found surfaces including: two posters from paper-stacks by Felix Gonzalez-Torres; a postcard of a Marcel Duchamp 'readymade', and a plastic envelope printed with a security camouflage pattern. The installation also included sound recordings of the incidental noises made in the studio while working on the drawings.

Link to exhibition text by Alex Gawronski